soUNDvideo: Ashley Brim

Writer Ashley Brim just sent me this video she made using soUNDtext.  Recorded at a cyborg “jam” held at my apt last Friday, this soUNDtext uses Samantha Boudrot’s soUNDfont U Q Y.  Notice the great variation that occurs when you “set” your soUNDfont at different pitches.  The lower voice you hear is in fact the same soUNDfont (probably set at .5).

Thanks to Ashley for a great soUNDtext and video!



P.S. When I say soUNDtext without italics, I refer to the audio created by the union of handwritten text (the text you input into the program) and soUNDfont.  soUNDtext = the soUND that the soUNDtext program creates.


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