soUNDrelease: armslegshestback by Samantha Boudrot

I am pleased to announce the online release of Samantha Boudrot’s armslegshestback!

The piece was made in January for Jenkins Johnson Gallery’s T_XT_RT exhibition in San Francisco.  It also appeared in JJ’s New York gallery this summer.

HELPINGER Press publishes it here in .gif form!

About the piece:

armslegshestback is an animated visual poem on a loop.  Playing between permutation, minimalism, and the game-poem, the piece invites each reader to be a co-thinker and co-creator.

Boudrot first wrote the poem by hand.  This animated iteration enacts her writing of the poem–the move of each letter-piece from one space to another.

About the author:

Samantha Boudrot is an intermedia poet and musician living in San Francisco.

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