soUNDrelease: armslegshestback by Samantha Boudrot

I am pleased to announce the online release of Samantha Boudrot’s armslegshestback!

The piece was made in January for Jenkins Johnson Gallery’s T_XT_RT exhibition in San Francisco.  It also appeared in JJ’s New York gallery this summer.

HELPINGER Press publishes it here in .gif form!

About the piece:

armslegshestback is an animated visual poem on a loop.  Playing between permutation, minimalism, and the game-poem, the piece invites each reader to be a co-thinker and co-creator.

Boudrot first wrote the poem by hand.  This animated iteration enacts her writing of the poem–the move of each letter-piece from one space to another.

About the author:

Samantha Boudrot is an intermedia poet and musician living in San Francisco.

Look for more spontaneous publications from HELPINGER Press on this site and the SF Guerrilla Opera blog.




soUNDvideos: Samantha Boudrot and Nico Komodore

Five days since the official release of soUNDtext and I’m excited to share these videos of the word processor in action.

First, we have a clip of the band Two Bulls in your China Shop live at Jordan Karnes’ house in Oakland.  The band’s current lineup is singer/songwriter and guitarist/ukuleleist Samantha Boudrot and drummer Jessamyn Cuneo.

Halfway through their set, the band invited me to accompany their song “U Q Y for soUNDtext” with the soUNDtext program.  Like “the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog,” the song is a pangram–it includes every letter in the alphabet.  To make her soUNDfont “U Q Y”, Boudrot sang the song a cappella and sampled 95 moments of the recording.  The 95 moments were then saved as individual sound files that, when played in soUNDtext, line up with their particular, pre-assigned characters on the English keyboard.

To accompany the band last night, I set Boudrot’s soUNDfont to 6X speed, sampled the song’s chorus “A E I O U Y/ A E I O U Q Y,” and improvised on the keyboard:

More music by Samantha Boudrot and videos from the above performance can be found on Samantha Boudrot’s youtube channel.  Two Bulls in your China Shop will perform this August 27 at Brainwash in San Francisco, CA.

Note:  You, too, can play with Samantha Boudrot’s soUNDfont U Q Y if you download soUNDtext for FREE (67 MB zip file).


Next, we have some exciting experimental video work by Greek filmmaker Nico Komodore.  In Pi, he takes the number pi and samples it in soUNDtext–with text box and keyboard improvisation–for 3 minutes and 14 seconds.  It seems he used the soUNDfonts Default and Watermark:

Seferis, the second video Komodore made with soUNDtext, uses the soUNDfont U Q Y.  Both videos are a part of Komodore’s ongoing Mayakov+sky project.

More of his videos can be found here on his youtube channel  Text-art fans will especially enjoy Apollinaire’s Tongue.


That’s all for now!  Coming this week:  a blog post documenting youtube’s censorship–a la flagging and deleting–of one of my videos and another post announcing the soUNDscore/soUNDfont/soUNDtext call for submissions!

I also hope to record and upload “getting around soUNDfont” and “making a soUNDfont” video tutorials asap.  In the meantime, read through the “GETTING AROUND” and “MAKING A soUNDfont” sections in the User’s Manual:  found in the soUNDtext free download or in print here.

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soUNDvideo: leaked embassy cable opera


Below you’ll find two videos of the third guerrilla opera:

MR SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON (Prozac for your AntiSec).

They were both recorded on a smartphone and edited with basic editing software.

The first is a 15’17” documentation of the opera:  approx. 1 clip per 30 min. of the opera.

The second, B Side, is a much shorter clip–one of my favorite moments of the opera.






Hello again!  Today I’ll show you the dynamics of the soUNDfonts made for soUNDtext and how to make your own.


Once released, the word processor will come with four distinct soUNDfonts:


“default” (as heard in google goggle),

“U Q Y” by Samantha Boudrot,

a mashup of “Cats and Frogs” voices,

and a “Watermark.”


Here’s a showcase spectacular of the four:


And anyone can make a font:  the process of making and using a soUNDfont is just this:

create a folder of 96 sound files and DROP it into the program.


Here’s an example of one soUNDfont artist’s method:

For intermedia artist Samatha Boudrot’s “U Q Y,” she recorded an a cappella version of her song “U Q Y for soUNDtext” and isolated (created “samples” of) 96 moments of the recording.  The song is a pangram like “the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”–it includes every letter in the alphabet.  Here are the lyrics with notes Sam took while transforming the song into soUNDfont:




And here’s the first page of the soUNDfont character key used to organize the font-making process:

U Q Y to font


Here you can download the entirety of the soUNDfont key (a Word document).

All of the above fonts were made with the assistance of this key.  Once the program is released (very soon!), we look forward to hearing and writing with your soUNDfonts and soUNDtext recordings (the program lets you record live sound).


Stay tuned for the release.  We’re currently in the process of rethinking our distribution–want this to go as smoothly as possible for everyone.


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