soUNDreport: Canyouhearmenow?

Hello again.

In light of the news media’s rampant pigeonholing of the Civic Center protest on Monday, we want to clarify SF Guerrilla Opera’s role in the matter and offer the video below as a more comprehensive report on the protest.  While the Opera company is deeply invested, and will continue to be invested, in the struggles for an open Internet and freedom of speech, we do not support Anonymous’ attack on  Nor do we feel we were took part in Anonymous’ protest.

Ours was a guerrilla opera, plain and simple, that coincided with Anonymous’ protest.  As with every guerrilla opera, the opera’s specific concerns are found in the opera’s score.  Though, once the score is enacted, anything can happen and any number of unintended “meanings” can arrive–singers are invited to sing and act only as feels right in the moment.  The score:


Meet down on the Civic Center BART platform at 5:00pm TODAY.

For one hour, with a phone to your ear, sing (from whisper to monotone to belch) and repeat this:

| |:  Can you hear me now?  😐 |


We would also like to add that there were a handful of other groups hardly recognized by the news media.  One group, Writers Bloc, came with hearts cut out of red construction paper.  All were invited to write their own message on these hearts.  Many other demonstrators sang their own chants apart from the widely documented “No Justice/No Peace/Disband the BART Police.”  See our Canyouhearmenow? video below for a fairly comprehensive documentation of Monday’s protest.  Here‘s another video that does an even better job.

We find this diversity of concerns and tactics to be a great thing.  Thanks to open access to things like YouTube and blogs these diverse stories can be heard and can diffuse the largely negative, pigeonholed reports from the news media.  We hope the video below will contribute humor and further insight into Monday’s demonstration.  To explore our past operas, check out the collected videos here on Ron Silliman’s blog.  For coverage of the BART’s censorship of last Thursday’s protest and Anonymous’ intervention, this is a good place to start.

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Tom Comitta & SF Guerrilla Opera