Hello again!  Today I’ll show you the dynamics of the soUNDfonts made for soUNDtext and how to make your own.


Once released, the word processor will come with four distinct soUNDfonts:


“default” (as heard in google goggle),

“U Q Y” by Samantha Boudrot,

a mashup of “Cats and Frogs” voices,

and a “Watermark.”


Here’s a showcase spectacular of the four:


And anyone can make a font:  the process of making and using a soUNDfont is just this:

create a folder of 96 sound files and DROP it into the program.


Here’s an example of one soUNDfont artist’s method:

For intermedia artist Samatha Boudrot’s “U Q Y,” she recorded an a cappella version of her song “U Q Y for soUNDtext” and isolated (created “samples” of) 96 moments of the recording.  The song is a pangram like “the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”–it includes every letter in the alphabet.  Here are the lyrics with notes Sam took while transforming the song into soUNDfont:




And here’s the first page of the soUNDfont character key used to organize the font-making process:

U Q Y to font


Here you can download the entirety of the soUNDfont key (a Word document).

All of the above fonts were made with the assistance of this key.  Once the program is released (very soon!), we look forward to hearing and writing with your soUNDfonts and soUNDtext recordings (the program lets you record live sound).


Stay tuned for the release.  We’re currently in the process of rethinking our distribution–want this to go as smoothly as possible for everyone.


Thanks for stopping by!