soUNDscores and more: End of Business 2

Hello again.

Very happy to announce the publication of End of Business 2, edited by Ryan Funk.

Issue 2 follows a strong 1st issue that featured work by Kevin Killian, Parker Tilghman, Karen Brennan, and Claire Taylor.

A mash-up of (text) art and corporate design, End of Business gives new life to “borrowed time,” literally.  Funk elaborates in his call for submissions:

“EOB is a phrase used in the corporate world to mean end of the business day.  i.e. get this report to my desk by EOB!  During a slow work day, I make an urgent call for submissions, and by 5:00 pm PST, you have the at-work journal of art and literature delivered to your inbox!”

Today at 11:38am (PST), an undisclosed number of “Artists, Writers, Poets, Designers, Friends” were invited to submit work.

The submission deadline:  3:30 pm.

At 4:50 pm (with “an extra 15 minutes to fight traffic!”), Funk emailed this document (pdf):  End of Business 2.

What’s inside is a playful collaging of work by artists from the Bay Area and beyond.

Contributors include (in order of appearance):

Justin Limoges

Claire Taylor

Steve Tomasula

Denise Newman

Tom Comitta

Jeff Von Ward

Jeremy Bearer-Friend

Adam Fagin

Hugh Behm-Steinberg

Patrick Weeks


Kudos to Ryan Funk for great design and an exciting second issue.

Until soon,